Final exam grading scale

The final exam will be an oral examination of approximately 20 minutes. Questions will ask you to synthesize the material we have read over the course of the semester and discuss concrete examples drawn from the reading to support your ideas.

The exam is worth 13 points will be graded on the following scale:

0-7 points Incomplete understanding. Responses demonstrate an incomplete understanding of course themes and readings. Discussion may lack concrete examples, or the examples may be factually inaccurate. Answers fail to make connections between readings and to integrate ideas from secondary readings with evidence from primary sources.
8-9 points Minimal understanding. Responses demonstrate some awareness of course themes and readings, but fail to move beyond general statements and assertions. Examples are sparse or incompletely understood. Answers make superficial connections between readings and discuss secondary sources in relation to primary sources, but they do so in a way that merely places ideas adjacent to one another, rather than thoroughly synthesizing disparate sources.
10 points General understanding. Answers indicate a general or basic understanding of course themes and readings. Discussion provides concrete examples to support ideas, but may lean heavily on a few sources for those examples, or may provide shallow readings of examples provided. Answers may demonstrate incomplete knowledge of textual details, including authors, characters, and important plot points or textual features. Discussion attempts to synthesize secondary and primary sources, but efforts may be incomplete or uneven.
11 points Strong understanding. Answers indicate a thorough and complete grasp of course themes and readings. All ideas are supported by concrete examples drawn from the full range of course texts. Answers indicate clear familiarity with authors, characters and plot points and an ability to reference specific details to support important claims. Discussion successfully synthesizes multiple sources and puts secondary and primary texts in conversation in ways that indicate a thorough and complex understanding of the connections between the sources.
12-13 points Superior understanding. Answers not only demonstrate all of the qualities of a strong understanding of the material, but excel in one or more concrete ways. Such responses might make new or unexpected connections between the course texts or provide particularly compelling and detailed readings of primary texts. Discussion not only demonstrates thorough and detailed familiarity with the major issues discussed in the course, but also demonstrates truly original thinking.